Solution Clip

In our forthcoming game there will be solution clips. Here’s one of them for WORLD 2. So if you will play this game later and get stucked at this level you can save 250 gold for this solution clip… Read More

Setup a lava fountain

To setup a lava fountain we used a common principle to simulate fluids. It’s all about physics bodies and adding an emitter to it. It’s so easy with the new built-in emitter editor in Xcode 5 to build a good looking liquid element. After editting the emitter it just need some circle shaped physics bodies […] Read More

Building some level

 We build our levels with a self-written level editor. Especially built and customized for PoBo from Nils Kübler. The editor was kind of a side product of the game he developed called Moyo. Check it out  – Moyo is a challenging and fun space platformer game for browser, desktop (Win/Mac) or mobile (iOs/Android). In Moyo, […] Read More